The right wingman- Part 2

she’s all mine on valz hehe

The Deal

Asenath was sitting on my laps, sweating slightly, and breathing with difficulty having recently returned from the dance floor. The club is so packed you can’t even sneak in a fart. She was tipsy and I was sobering up to the fact that we had to do something expediently. We were running out of time. And out of money to keep up with their taste in price alcohol.

She was so peaceful but wore this distant look on her face. I wondered what was going on her mind. Had she made up her mind that we were going to bed? What was this that kept bothering her? What do women think moments before they are about to be chips-funguad. Paul and Veronica were still on the dance floor, dancing tiredly, and singing to some lines and making those silly faces that guys who have telepathically decided that they were going…

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