Would you go down on me, baby?

World gone berserk………. dang! Go down on whaaaaat!

The Deal


Men of my generation received their first fellatio (blow-job) at about the age of 20 or 21. It was mostly in our first year in college. And mostly came as a surprise. How one reacted, when the young woman reached for the male member and planted it in her mouth, depended on a number of factors: a) How exposed he was to pornography or at least his knowledge of foreplay, b) his hygiene status-the success of oral sex is purely dependent on hygiene-or perceived hygiene status, c) how conservative one is-if too conservative, he will be unduly concerned that she might develop some mental problem and bite you off…

You hardly enjoy that first blow job. Fear, anxiety, confusion, unbelief, all conspire to rob you the pleasure. As a man…

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An evening with comedian Klint The Drunk

The Deal

37-me and clint
Me and Klint after his hilarious comedy show.

The year is 2008. We are in our first year in Campus. I go to check on my boy Flex at Prefabs, in the University of Nairobi. Reason: to get some music and the video of Basket Mouth that widely circulating at the time.

Prefabs are wooden hostels at the University of Nairobi where future engineers, environmentalist, doctors and all those who scored As and strong A-s with an appetite for scientific courses are housed. Also, those in Arts who arrived late.

There is something contemptuous about the prefabs.The reasons they were not offered to female students. I can bet in their first years, engineers and all those housed in the prefabs never got laid. No woman would dare step in there. What does it benefit you to work so hard in high school and go to university to study one of…

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The right wingman- Part 2

she’s all mine on valz hehe

The Deal

Asenath was sitting on my laps, sweating slightly, and breathing with difficulty having recently returned from the dance floor. The club is so packed you can’t even sneak in a fart. She was tipsy and I was sobering up to the fact that we had to do something expediently. We were running out of time. And out of money to keep up with their taste in price alcohol.

She was so peaceful but wore this distant look on her face. I wondered what was going on her mind. Had she made up her mind that we were going to bed? What was this that kept bothering her? What do women think moments before they are about to be chips-funguad. Paul and Veronica were still on the dance floor, dancing tiredly, and singing to some lines and making those silly faces that guys who have telepathically decided that they were going…

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sonny’s letter to his mama

From Brixton Prison, Jebb Avenue London S. W. 2 Inglan
Dear mama
Good day
I hope that when these few lines reach you they may
Find you in the best of health
I doun know how to tell ya this
For I did mek a solemn promise
To tek care a lickle Jim
An try mi bes fi look out fi him

Mama, I really did try mi bes
But none a di less
Sorry fi tell ya seh, poor lickle Jim get arres
It was de miggle a di rush hour
Hevrybody jus a hustle and a bustle
To go home fi dem evenin shower
Mi an Jim stan up waitin pon a bus
Not causin no fuss

When all of a sudden a police van pull up
Out jump tree policemen
De whole a dem carryin baton
Dem walk straight up to me and Jim
One a dem hold on to Jim
Seh dem tekin him in
Jim tell him fi leggo a him
For him nah do nutt’n
And ‘I’m nah t’ief, not even a but’n
Jim start to wriggle
De police start to giggle

Mama, mek I tell you wa dem do to Jim?
Mek I tell you wa dem do to ‘I’m?

Dem thump him him in him belly and it turn to jelly
Dem lick ‘I’m pon ‘I’m back and ‘I’m rib get pop
Dem thump him pon him head but it tough like lead
Dem kick ‘I’m in ‘I’m seed and it started to bleed

Mama, I jus couldn’t stan up deh, nah do nuttin’

So mi jook one in him eye and him started fi cry
Me thump him pon him mout and him started fi shout
Me kick him pon him shin so him started fi spin
Me hit him pon him chin an him drop pon a bin
– an crash, an dead

More policman come dung
Dem beat me to the grung
Dem charge Jim fi sus
Dem charge mi fi murdah

Mama, doan fret
Doan get depress an downhearted
Be of good courage-acap

Kendrick Lamar Just Dropped a New Song

lemar is the man


One day after winning the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance, Kendrick Lamar — who famously lost to Macklemore in last year’s Best Rap Album category — dropped a new song.

Like “i” before it, the Boi-1da-produced “The Blacker the Berry” is expected to appear on Lamar’s highly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s good kid, m.A.A.d. city. But unlike “i,” this aggressive track is much darker in its production and lyrical content, with Lamar grappling with race and violence in America.

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The California Desert Is Now Home to the World’s Largest Solar-Power Plant



The world’s largest solar-power plant officially opened in the Riverside County desert, in California, on Monday.

The 550-megawatt Desert Sunlight Solar Farm will produce enough energy to power 160,000 California homes, reports USA Today.

Governor Jerry Brown has called on the state to increase its renewable-energy use to 50% of the total by 2030, up from 33% by 2020.

Desert Sunlight was built using a $1.5 billion federal loan-guarantee program from the U.S. Department of Energy, who says the project is expected to make a profit of $5 billion to $6 billion.

[USA Today]

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